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An accidental encounter with an uninvited guest disrupts Alice’s life. As her husband Tom’s hidden secret gradually surfaces, Alice finds herself one of the bio-mechanical substitutes of his deceased wife.

​"Science-fictional short film, 2020"

​Director Statement



Inspired by the heated topic of artificial intelligence in recent years, we based the story of Oblivio on a future society with highly developed technology. We took the famous philosophical hypothesis “Brain in a Vat” as our starting point to probe into the ethical problems in life generated from the digitalization of human consciousness.

If human consciousness can be managed and preserved, does that mean immortality can be achieved? When individuals' consciousness can be replicated and inputted into a robot that shares the exact same appearance, how shall people define the concept of individual human beings? Will the increasingly advanced technology be gradually reduced to mere tools for humans to satisfy their expanding desires? Will the robots that are granted with emotions and humanity eventually go beyond the known limitations and gain self-awareness? These are the questions and assumptions that laid the foundation for Oblivio.


I sincerely invite you to join us on the journey to the future society we constructed, enjoying yourself and exploring the grand proposition of scientific technology and humanity.


Semi-Finalist, Flicker's Rhode Island International Festival,2020

Runner Up, Film of the Year, The Rookies Award, 2020

Chair's Selection, School of the Visual Arts, 2020

            Liyanbing He




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